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5 Reasons to Clean Your Horse Trailer After a Trip

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Traveling with your horse can be a lot of fun, but eventually you have to come home and deal with the aftermath. Cleaning your horse trailer is among the least glamorous of all horse-related chores, but it’s important maintenance for your trailer. There are lots of reasons to keep your horse trailer sparkling clean, but here are five that will make a huge difference to the quality of your travels:   Prolonging the life of your floors. Many people who are looking at horse trailers for sale do so because their floors are failing and they’re looking to move into a style they believe is hardier. The good news is that you don’t need to give up on your favorite floor type just because you’ve had damage in the past — frequent cleaning helps prevent long-term damage by quickly eliminating moisture and corrosive materials that remain in direct contact with your floor after a horse trip.   Eliminating sources of mold. Horses have delicate respiratory systems, so leaving bits of hay, bedding and grain in the trailer after a trip can have disastrous effects on their health. Instead of leaving this stuff in the trailer after a trip, clean all…Read More

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Guidelines for Marketing Your Horse Farm or Equestrian Estate

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by Jamie McDevit The idea of watching horses grazing peacefully outside the back door is a dream-come-true for many horse farm buyers. So, if you are planning on selling a horse farm or other equestrian real estate, there are some details that potential buyers will consider in addition to the pastoral image of rolling hills and endless fences. When you are preparing to market your home, you should always make an effort to get it ready with a thorough cleaning and a few repair items. A horse farm is no different; and potential purchasers of horse farms are usually just as concerned about their horses as they are about themselves. If you are selling a horse farm, here are some important details that you should consider addressing and a few tips to make your farm or horse property attractive to buyers: The Barn: While barns are difficult to keep clean, make sure that you are doing your best! Get rid of cobwebs, keep barn aisles swept, and make sure stalls are “mucked” with fresh shavings before all showings. Consider purchasing rubber mats for each stall. While relatively inexpensive for the seller, most buyers ask if stalls have rubber mats and…Read More

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