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5 Reasons to Clean Your Horse Trailer After a Trip

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Traveling with your horse can be a lot of fun, but eventually you have to come home and deal with the aftermath. Cleaning your horse trailer is among the least glamorous of all horse-related chores, but it’s important maintenance for your trailer. There are lots of reasons to keep your horse trailer sparkling clean, but here are five that will make a huge difference to the quality of your travels:   Prolonging the life of your floors. Many people who are looking at horse trailers for sale do so because their floors are failing and they’re looking to move into a style they believe is hardier. The good news is that you don’t need to give up on your favorite floor type just because you’ve had damage in the past — frequent cleaning helps prevent long-term damage by quickly eliminating moisture and corrosive materials that remain in direct contact with your floor after a horse trip.   Eliminating sources of mold. Horses have delicate respiratory systems, so leaving bits of hay, bedding and grain in the trailer after a trip can have disastrous effects on their health. Instead of leaving this stuff in the trailer after a trip, clean all…Read More

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